Children’s Specialty Mental Health Services

We seek to bring hope to those hurting and suffering from mental illness through our mental health treatment.  In all five of our regions, we serve our community as an Organizational Provider of Children’s Specialty Mental Health Services, which means we are contracted to provide services for children ages 0-21 needing mental health treatment who have Full-Scope Medi-Cal insurance.  We help these children and their families get healing through developing and implementing an individualized treatment plan that may include: 

Clients meet with their therapist individual once or twice a week to work through whatever issues the child or youth is having.  Therapists may use sand tray therapy, art therapy or play therapy to help a child work through their problems.  Individual therapy may also take place as collateral sessions with the parents or other family members of the client being seen in order to help with family dynamics and communication. 

Group therapy is often utilized to help children and youth resolve their issues with others who are struggling with the same types of issues.  Groups are often themed to deal with issues of grief and loss or divorce, etc…

Rehabilitation Services are provided for clients to work on developing skills that they have deficits in, such as anger management, hygiene, patience, and social skills.  These services may occur one-on-one or in a group setting.  These services are behaviorally based and are often an adjunct to Individual or Group Therapy. 

TBS is provided to clients up to age 21 who qualify for Medi-Cal Mental Health Services and are in a crisis situation which puts them in danger of losing their placement with their family, foster family, or group home and/or are transitioning from a higher level of care to a lower level of care.  TBS is an intensive one-on-one service provided in the home or community.  TBS is designed to be short term in duration with services tapering down every 30 days.

These are mental health services specifically designated for youth in the foster care system.  It is recognized that most kids in foster care have issues of abuse and neglect that require treatment and that they have special case management needs that other kids don’t necessarily have.  For that reason the special classification of Katie A. exists to guarantee that services are available for these children. 



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