A person becomes a person within a family.  The family is the place where we find our coordinates – our places in the order of things.  It’s where we meet our needs for security on the one hand and significance on the other.  There is no substitute for the family.  Government programs can’t replace them; nor can family courts, churches, or even organizations like Remi Vista.  They are the essential connections that shape all of us, and they are the basic building blocks for all of society.


We all know that being a family isn’t easy.  There are so many forces and pressures in this world that threaten to tear families apart, such as violence, tragedy, poverty, mental illness, and addiction.  Some families become overwhelmed by these forces and they can become temporarily incapacitated.  That’s why there are currently over 60,000 children living in foster homes in California today.  That’s more than the seating capacity of most major league baseball stadiums! Most of those children will be able to be reunified with their birth families.  Many others will be adopted.  Unfortunately, the need is far greater than the family resources available today. Watch the Removed videos below to get a glimpse of the life of a foster child and the impact fostering can make on a life.


A resource family is any person or group of people that offers themselves as a family to a child who needs it.  They can be members of the child’s extended family, close family friends, foster families, or adoptive families.  They are approved as “resource families” by county child welfare agencies or private agencies like Remi Vista through an evaluation process called the “Resource Family Approval” process.  Remi Vista’s foster family services agency recruits, certifies, trains and supports resource families.  We are particularly interested in finding people from a variety of backgrounds and worldviews so that we can accommodate the diversity of the children that are placed with us.


  • Consider Being a Resource Family: The first step is to learn more about what it means to become an approved resource family.  Remi Vista approves resource families in many California communities north of Sacramento.  To speak to a person in your area, click the link below for the office nearest to your area.
  • Get Approved:
  • Once you’ve decided to become a resource family, there is a process of becoming approved that can last between 3 to 6 months.
  • This process involves an evaluation called the Home Study, in which a social worker will meet with you to determine whether you qualify to be a resource family and, if so, the kinds of children you are best suited to serve.
  • Click here for more detailed information regarding Remi Vista’s approval process:
  • Provide Care: There are different types of resource families.  Some are best suited for providing foster care – a temporary caregiving designed to help foster children either reunite with their birth families, transition to an adoptive family, or enter into supported adult living.  Others are more suited to adopting foster children.  Either way, the resource family will receive extensive support from the Remi Vista social worker, as well as others who serve and support the child.  Together, all of the people supporting the child, both formally as service providers and informally as mentors and friends, work together as part of the “child and family team.”  Click here to learn more about providing care for a foster child and the support one can expect to receive.


There are more foster youth waiting for adoption than there are good families prepared to adopt them.  Are you interested in helping to change this?  Consider being an adoptive resource family.  Remi Vista has partnered with International Christian Adoptions (ICA) agency ( to facilitate adoptions for all children placed in our agency.  To learn more about adoption in general, and about ICA in particular, please click here.



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