Remi Vista: A Long Rich History

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From the Ranch to the City

Many things have changed since Remi Vista Inc. started working with children. Remi Vista Youth Ranch started as a small, rural ranch setting in 1969 in the mountains of Whitmore, California.  Two Orange County Probation workers wanted to give at-risk teens a chance to break free from the cycle of violence and abuse in an outdoor setting that took them away from the temptations of their inner- city beginnings.

Ambassadors of Hope Across the North State

Today, Remi Vista Inc. no longer provides the rural setting, but has matured into a professional, multi-faceted mental health and family services agency with offices in five North State regions. Its vision remains the same, with an expanded mission statement and the underlying them that they are “Ambassadors of Hope.”  Forty seven years as a leader in California’s youth and family services industry have garnered Remi Vista Inc. respect and recognition throughout the state.

John Tillery’s Legacy

John Tillery joined Remi Vista in 1974 and took the position as Chief Executive Officer. Soon after, Lyle Faudree and David Austin, the founders, chose to pursue other dreams.  These rustic and primitive beginnings laid a solid foundation for the years of growth and expansion that followed.  By 1984, the ranch school had been sold and Tillery moved Remi Vista’s corporate headquarters from Palo Cedro to Redding.  John Tillery has always believed that successful people must be in the pursuit of excellence.  John’s efforts and outstanding work have been very significant in establishing a long, rich history at Remi Vista.

Passing the Baton

Forty-two years later, Tillery has passed the baton to Dr. Robert Hughes, Clinical Psychologist, who has served as Clinical Director of the agency for many years.  Dr. Hughes steps into the new role as Chief Executive Officer with Stephanie Holmes, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who will serve as Chief Administrative Officer, after 15 outstanding years with Remi Vista as Director of Operations.

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